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Iceberg water is the most technically and physically challenging bottled water to produce. Specially equipped boats are required to lift the ice out of the ocean and contain it on board ship before returning to land for rinsing, melting, filtration of any trace sediments and bottling.

Icebergs can easily overturn, break and explode at any time allowing for extremely dangerous undertakings during collection. Weight limits and logistical difficulties mean only limited quantities can be obtained.

Here, at ICEBERG ISLAND WATER, we take great care in selecting the right icebergs for our premium bottled water. Blue condensed ice from an iceberg is of the highest importance during collection and has a true taste of purity like no other. The Icebergs we select for production have virtually no impurities since they were formed in the pre-industrial era and have been preserved, frozen in time for up to 15,000 years

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